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Are your files safe? How can I share files with staff across the world? Is my Gmail address putting off customers?

Want to know what IT your small business needs to succeed? I've created a checklist that will let you give your business a healthcheck. And you don't even have to give me your email address! Here you'll find a short overview of all the important aspects of IT you need to consider. And if you need help setting them up, well, you know who you can ask.

BLOG: What IT does a Small Business need?

Don’t go to all the hard work of setting up a business that provides excellent services or products, and then be held back by an IT issue. Get yourself set up right, and you’ll be able to keep running when the unforeseen happens.

Whether you hire me to work for you or not, I’d love to see your business set up right so they can thrive. If you can do that without me, fine, and if I can give you some tips to get you going, that’s OK with me too. I’ll be providing helpful tips and ideas about what IT you as a small business owner need to think about.

And of course, if you need any help setting these up, running them or fixing them later, feel free to get in touch.

Small business tech checklist

Small business tech checklist

This blog post has been turned into a more usable format over on my Checklist page. Give your business a healthcheck and make sure you know what aspects of IT you need to have thought of. Or contact me and I'll help you through it. You're just starting...

IT for small businesses and sole traders

IT for small businesses and sole traders

When you're a small business or sole trader, you have to wear all the hats, including, for now, Operations Manager and IT Helpdesk. Even if you have a few people working for you, it's likely that they're working on admin or delivering client work, so a lot of the time...

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